Windsong Farm
Contact: Karen and David Stern
Address: 5051 Tuttle Road Burdett, NY, 14818
Email Address:
Phone: 607-546-5408
About Us
Windsong Farm is a family-operated, 170-acre farm in the hills to the east of Seneca Lake. We raise animals at low density and produce our own forage. Our meats are grass-fed/grass-finished lamb, mutton, and beef, and pastured duck. We also grow a range of fruits and sell fresh fruit in season as well as jams and jellies year-round. We have a small flock of free-range chickens producing eggs of variable size and color, and sell duck eggs from approximately March through October. We do offer bouquets of home-grown dried flowers, and a wide range of fiber products from our flock of longwool sheep, with our main breed being the rare Wensleydale. Please see our web site for access to fiber. Thank you for supporting our beloved business!
Antibiotic Free